Exclusive NFT Exhibition
by one of Esquire Magazine's sexiest women alive, Natalia Oreiro
Still got it!
A unique dress of Natalia Oreiro's from MARTIN FIERRO ceremony 2011.
You have a great chance to get this special NFT that includes a real world personal item from Natalia.
This will be an open auction. Within 24 hours you can make a bid and win this NFT and one-of-a-kind personal item.
Price for this item starts from 1 ETH. Each new bid increases the price by 3%.
This NFT is digital version of painted art or old photo that was created by Natalia in 2005 or 1993 and is now hanging on her wall.
In total there will be only 100 NFTs made from this original image available. Collect all Natali's NFTs and hang this special one-of-a-kind art in your own house.
This offering will be a 24 hour Auction.
These super rare and limited edition NFT's will be on sale for 500 USD each.
The Music Life
This NFT is giving you chance to see and hold a specially created video collage that comes from Natlia herself.
The collage is made up of the 7 most exciting and memorable moments from different Natalia's concerts.
These NFT were personally selected by Natalia Oreiro from her smartphone and added to the blockchain.
Only 1500 of these NFTs will be available for 24 hours.
These limited edition NFT's will be on sale for 49 usd each.